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Why Red Lodge Fire Rescue Foundation was created.

Our story.


Red Lodge Fire Rescue Foundation was created in 2007 by RLFR members as a way to help fellow members through times of financial hardship.


After a few years, the Foundation added scholarship opportunities for members or their children as another way to “take care of their own”.  


In the last few years, the Foundation has become the main fundraising arm for Fire, EMS and Search and Rescue member associations.  The Foundation sends an annual appeal letter for contributions each year to raise funds for equipment, gear and training.  If you have contributed to the annual appeal, thank you!


When RLFR decided to purse the dream of a training center for its volunteers, the Foundation was the obvious choice for hosting the fundraising effort. 

In early 2020, the Foundation changed its name to Red Lodge Fire Rescue Foundation to reflect the addition of Search and Rescue to the department.  About that same time, the three member associations (Fire, EMS and Search and Rescue) shed their legal designation and became a part of the Foundation.

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