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Our Dream:  

A Training Center

Our mission.

The mission of the Red Lodge Fire Rescue Foundation is to provide financial and other support to the Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue and the Community Care program of Red Lodge Fire Rescue and their respective members. 

Be a hero, support RLFR

What we do.

The Red Lodge Fire Rescue Foundation provides financial and other support to Red Lodge Fire Rescue and its members.  The Foundation is an umbrella organization that conducts fund-raising for the Foundation's activities and the activities of the three divisions of RLFR which include Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue and the Community Care program.  Some things the Foundation does include:


  • Provides funds to support training and necessary gear purchases for the 100+ members of RLFR. 

  • In cases of hardship, the Foundation offers emergency need-based grants and loans to members of Red Lodge Fire Rescue in good standing. 

  • For children of members of Red Lodge Fire Rescue in good standing, the Foundation offers scholarships to help defray the costs of post-secondary school education or vocational training. 

  • The Foundation supports members seeking advanced training related to their volunteer positions at RLFR or other post-secondary educational opportunities. 

Currently, Fire, Search and Rescue and EMS each has a member association that meets monthly.  The meetings are an opportunity to keep skills sharp through training and review of recent calls, to learn about equipment updates and to review any other important topics. 

Donors may specify that their contribution be directed to where it is most needed or to benefit Fire, EMS, Search and Rescue or Community Care.

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